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South Africa 06

A trip to South Africa, to Tam's brother's wedding in the Drakensberg mountains. Tam had flown out a couple of days before. We were due to meet and be picked up by her uncle from Johannesburg airport, but he was running late. We then continued via his house in Benoni - I've been told that this isn't exactly a tourist highlight of the country!

The N3 highway that runs from Joburg to Durban. We were pulled over by the police, as Bruce had cruised the whole way at 160km/h! But he was let off for not understanding what the cop wanted!

The view from the window of the holiday cottage in the Drakensberg where we stayed.

The family wedding piucture. From left to right: Blake (Tam's youngest brother); Tam's mum; Myles (the groom); Christy (his bride); Tam's dad, and Tammy herself.

Another area of the mountains, this is Cathedral Peak, with the Bell on the left, so named because it looks like a cathedral. After her parents had returned to Durban, we stayed another night in a lodge below the Peak, and beautiful it was too.

View over the city of Durban. We stayed there afterwards, as that's where the family comes from.

One day we rose early and went to a big game park. This is the sunrise en route.

Zebras in the reserve.


You can just about make out elephants through the trees.


Just outside the city, a view over the Valley of a Thousand Hills.

A House Gecko, climbing up the wall in the study.

The nature reserve that is next door to Tam's parents' house.