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Harriers Intro
Logs and Shanties

Logs and Shanties

What are Lgs and Shanties? Well, logs are amusing anecdotes of things that may or may not have happened during the day, shared with the rest of the cruise during the evening meeting. Shanties are songs written on the cruise, usually taking popular songs and changing the words slightly.

Here we have some shanties from Harriers A 2005.

The Days of Harriers

to the tune of The Days of Christmas, written by Tristan

On the first day of Harriers, this is what we did:
1st) Were left at the station
2nd) Went to church at Horsey (and)
3rd) Played around with dinghies
4th) Had our only shower
5th) Were hit by Seven Seas (sung SLOWLY)
6th) Quanted rather badly
7th) Had Rhona taken hostage

All Boats Big and Wonderful

to the tune of All Things Bright and Beautiful, written by the crew of Windjammer

All boats big and wonderful,
All dinghies small and cute,
Sailing on the Norfolk Broads,
We've never had such a hoot.

(Verse 1)
Each time the jib unfurls itself,
Each time the sails go up,
We get away from moorings,
And we do not get stuck.

(Verse 2)
Each tack we get a little closer,
To reeds and other boats,
But thanks to our great skipper,
We are still afloat.

(Verse 3)
When we moor up for lunchtime,
We get out all our food.
Other crews come crowding in,
Because it is so good.

(Verse 4)
When sailing down the river,
We don't go very fast,
And when we come to mooring,
We hope that we're not last.

(Verse 5)
We cook a lovely dinner,
We talk in Tango Z.
Because we work so hard all day,
We jump right into bed.