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Harriers Intro
Logs and Shanties

So what's all this about Harriers then?

Harriers is a Scripture Union young people's camp with a difference - there's water. Lots of it. Because it is in fact a cruise, or series of cruises, which take place on the Norfolk Broads every year. I was lucky enough to go on them as a "crew member", ie. a young person, and now I've got the sailing bug, I go back as part of the leadership team - this last summer I was a "mate", the most junior member of the team. Each boat has a skipper and a mate, and 4 crew.

As time progresses, and when I get my hands on a scanner, some pictures will appear here, but for the moment you'll have to make do with the logo. You'll notice as well that as well as modern, powered yachts, the cruises also use traditional wooden onces, built in the 30s and without engines. So you learn to "quant" quite quickly.