Since I started going out with my girlfriend (now wife) I've been made more and more aware of conditions for suffereres of Coeliac diesease (those with an allergy to wheat and gluten). This can have a nasty effect on the sufferer, even just a few errant crumbs can cause days of pain and being bed-ridden. So eating out in a restaurant can be a hit-and-miss affair.

The idea for this website started when I took her on a romantic weekend break to Cork, in Ireland. Knowing that she must eat a gluten-free diet, I did some research online to find some places that we could eat without any problems, and printed out a list of possible restaurants. This certainly earned brownie points! So then, I thought, I should publish the list so that other people can benefit from the information.

Here it is, the current list. Please note that this is most definitely a work-in-progress. More and more research is being done, whenever we go anywhere together. Please feel free to suggest locations / restaurants! But also note that only restaurants listed as "Verified" have been visited by us to confirm the GF-Friendly status. Enjoy the listing, and I hope there is something to satisfy your tastebuds! Please email submissions to the below address:

Please note, all links are highlighted in bold.

As this is page is completely written and maintained by me, please read the funding page. Many thanks for your support!

Last updated 14th September 2011

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